Tips on what to wear

Say no to uniforms!  Think coordinate instead of match.

Avoid loud patterns and logos.

Search family photo outfit ideas on Pinterest!


Dress for your body, not what the mannequin's wearing.

Call me and ask!  Send me pictures of the outfits you've come up with.  I'll be happy to give you my opinion.


Some do's & don'ts

Do pick clothes you're comfortable in.

Do try on all of the clothes before the photo shoot.

Do remember that you want some contrast in the photos.

Do try on the clothes in a brightly lit room.

Do have a fresh manicure, or no polish at all (chipped nail polish shows!).

Don't wear clothing with stains - this will result in extra costs for photoshop editing.

Do bring chapstick or vaseline - dry, cracked lips aren't pretty in pictures.

Do put lotion on kids faces if they're dry.


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