Embrace the Ordinary

Embrace the ordinary sessions are you in your natural environment.  They tell the story of your daily life.  We all have great candid photos of our kids in costumes, pajamas, messy hair, around the house.  Most of these are living in our phones and you, the parent, aren't in any of them.  Wouldn't you love to see what life is like and actually be in some of the pictures?  I know that your kids will love those pictures in the years to come. 

These sessions take place at your house, either in the early morning, capturing the 'rise & shine' routine, in the evening to show your bath & bedtime routine, or if you're really adventurous, the witching hour, when everyone needs a little break!  We will make it fun, but most importantly, these aren't staged photos.  I may encourage some activities and ask for some hugs along the way, but these are just you and your loved ones.

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